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Country Pumpkins’ Store is stocked with ag products from our area as well other parts of the state. We have honey from just down the road in Capay as well as some more unique flavors from the mountains of San Diego and the Imperial Valley. Local nuts, such as, almonds, walnuts and pistachios from Glenn and Tehama counties can be found under our roof. We also have many delights; from pumpkin butter to raspberry jalapeño Jam, and an assortment of other jelly, jams, syrups, and preserves. country Store
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Other Activities:

Pumpkin Patch
Have you ever seen a Red, or Blue, or Rust, colored pumpkin? How about one with goose bumps? Come and explore

Corn Maze
Twists & Turns, Lost & Confused… Check out our 10 acre maze

Kids love to climb and what better way than on an old fashion hay stack, With an old fashion slide! Welcome to our country playground.